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CDAT9 is the site for our 9th grade students, those new to Lanier High and starting with us.  This will serve as your primary student website, while the http://cdat.lanierhs.org site will serve as more of a public relations site.  Bookmark this one, you're going to need it!

Your teachers individual subject web sites:
Current Project:

Project 6 - Make your Millions 2015

Each week:

We will start each Tuesday in the "dance room", then break up.

Always check the Calendar (see the tab above), and here are other things to keep in mind:

Some basic keys to success:
  • Have a plan with your team each week:  WHO will do WHAT by WHEN?  Don't share tasks, assign individual things for each week, and write it on your team website.
  • Successful people do the necessary stuff, not just the fun stuff.
  • ASK QUESTIONS, don't wait and say "I didn't know".