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Project 4 - Win That Contest!

posted Jan 14, 2013, 9:06 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Jan 15, 2013, 6:03 PM ]

The first project is exciting, it's real, and it's full of choices by YOU!
In groups of your choosing within your subgroup, you must choose a contest, and your project will be your contest entry.
  1. StemChallenge, making a video game about science, and possibly winning laptops for your team
  2. Emmy Awards - they have created a new high school recognition, you are the first school to hear about it!  Must be a video product.  Win recognition from the Emmy's!  Click here for the categories and rules.
  3. YouTube channel - you could own the playlist (and revenue!) from a set of Chemistry videos/animations on the Lanier CDAT YouTube Channel, which earns real money for advertising!
  4. Gwinnett Media Festival - CDAT students regularly do well here, especially if it's simple, high-quality work.  Click here for more information on this category.  (You can also enter previous projects for this, just for more entries!)
  5. Know of another contest to which you'd like to apply science?  If we approve it, go for it!

For your project, you will create a tool to express concepts in your science (Biology or Chemistry).  Individually, you will write a persuasive pitch for your project (that is, why someone should buy it).  

Technology to use (for the final project):  you can use any technology we've used so far this year.  We do not want any "traditional" techniques such as Powerpoint, etc., unless one of the technologies you've learned is a strong part of it. For example, some very cool Photoshop work demonstrated in Prezi. Also, for those who like Python, there's a field called "data sonification" that makes data or patterns into sound.  Hmm, could be cool!

You will be required to complete other assignments, quizzes, etc., during the this project as well.  See the General Timeline below for some of our expectations.
General Timeline (other dates will be added):
  • Kick Off -- Monday, January 14
  • Summary of team members, proposed topic, and desired contest -- Tuesday, January 15
  • Concept Map Due -- Wednesday, January 16 - rubric
  • Weekly plans on team website due each Friday, starting Jan. 18 - rubric
  • Due Date -- end of the day, Tuesday, February 5
  • Presentations-- Wednesday, February 6
Chemistry Unit Organizer including AKS (look down):
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Jan 15, 2013, 6:00 PM
Michael Reilly,
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