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Project 5 - Cinemathic!

posted Oct 19, 2011, 6:19 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Nov 2, 2011, 10:19 AM ]
Some may argue that everything in the world can be broken down into solutions and intersections of graphs. While you may or may not agree, your task this project is to use solutions and graphs of equations to create a story or activity. It could be a thriller movie, or an outdoor activity, or a good time teaching the equations themselves.  How can you make math an interesting and creative focus?
As part of your story, you need to utilize all of the primary Language Arts literary and figerative terms you’ve seen throughout this semester.
For technology, you’ll be exposed to digital film capture and editing, as well as special effects, although you are not required to use them. You need to demonstrate knowledge of film editing and special effects, but you may choose to make your project from another preferred technology.
In Health, the core requirement is studying the effects of alcohol and drugs on safe driving. If you incorporate it into your project, great. If you’d like to learn it on its own, fine as well. Point is, learn it and show you know it.
Check out this document for more information like timelines and grading. This will be updated with answers to common questions!
Some ideas:
  • Have a mystery movie where you "find" a list of formulas that don't seem to make sense, but secretly map out a location to....
  • Make an activity-riddle of equation solutions using the school campus, maybe something that changes each day for people to solve.
  • Create a series of entertaining yet educational videos on this math, but be sure to incorporate our Language Arts terms.
  • Find your own real-world applications for the math, like rates of growth, etc.
  • Design murals for the school that would truly be CDAT-like, and make a video documentary.
  • Make just a fun movie, filled with special effects, and throw math in for no rational reason (but do it correctly!)
  • Lots of other ideas, push your imagination!
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