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Project 2 - Chemistry - "Get Stoiched"

posted Oct 22, 2013, 3:54 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Nov 17, 2013, 12:16 PM ]
Have you ever tried to make something, but ran out of a certain ingredient?  @#$#@$@#

If so, you know a little about the concept of Stoichiometry.  While you review this concept in Chemistry class, you will also do a project about real life, local business, application of science, scale, proportion and conversions.  You will show how this applies outside of chemistry, in our community and world.  Dr. Rohrbaugh will have more detail for you, see attachment below.

For Language Arts, we are reviewing the concept of Research.  You will be completing a 2-page research paper with citations and an annotated bibliography. You will also study rhetorical devices and emotional appeals to persuade your audience. 

In Tech you will be learning about Video.  To be clear:

- You EACH must accomplish the "Getting Started" videos for Premiere, and at least on effect from After Effects.
- You DO NOT have to use video for your projects.  If you love 3D, you can go back to it (or some other tech).

  • 10/22 - Start project, assign teams
  • 10/28 - Proposals due -  should be on a "Proposal Page" of your team website.  Your team website should be submitted to THIS ONLINE FORM.
  • 10/30 - Video "Adobe GS Videos" due.
  • 10/31 or 11/1 (non-lab day) - Storyboard/script draft due - your team should work together, unless there is a special thing that needs to be developed by an individual.  See the links on the "Helpful Links" page.  Also, your team site should have a plan on it, based on your script and storyboard.   Make the general story outline first, storyboard second, script third, then schedule everything!   Here's the rubric for this part.
  • 11/7 and 11/8- Examples of product AND Final Storyboards/scripts due (or earlier!)
  • 11/12 or 11/13- Final paper and annotated bib due
  • 11/25-11/29 is Thanksgiving Week!
  • **Remember: you miss a week for Thanksgiving, and a couple of other days will probably be weird.
  • 12/5- Language Arts performance exam 
  • 12/6 - Technology Personal Portfolio Due
  • 12/10 or 12/11- Research and persuasion test
  • Show and Tell is 12/12/13 (tentative, could change)
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