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That is SO EPIC!

posted Aug 23, 2013, 4:45 AM by Brittany Haddock   [ updated Sep 5, 2013, 3:47 AM by Michael Reilly ]
The first big project of your year is here!

In Language Arts, you are studying "The Odyssey", a classic story known as the first real EPIC.  A true epic contains certain characteristics, the word itself is very misused.

In Science, you are studying cool things about Biology and Chemistry, and good science can make a good story too.

Finally, in Technology you are wrapping up Music, and you will be heading into graphics and design.

All together, these tools will support you in the making of YOUR EPIC!

Okay, what does that mean?  You and your group members will create a hero or heroes, and create an epic adventure in whatever form you want: cartoon, board game, physical game, video, etc.  You will have music and graphic skills to enhance your work, language arts to tell the story, and you are required to include your science as part of the story.

Things to do:
  • Set up a team planning site. - Click here for a demo site, to give you an idea about what we want.
  • Brainstorm on ideas, record them.  Bring in more ideas, or sketches.
  • Storyboard your ideas.
  • Plan tasks for each member, with deadlines.
    • Story with more detail
    • Visual art and/or music for story
    • Update after one week
  • Aim for 3 weeks early (we tell students) - test grade, critiques which will be used for final grade
  • Updates and checks on product each week.
  • Final date and grade, show and tell (students vote!)
Important dates:
Each week, expect to be graded for team planning site (does each team member have a task completed and assigned?)
August 30th- Hero Cycle worksheet due
September 6th- App or website selected for P.E
September 12th - Project Technology Draft due
September 19th - Project prototype due 
September 24th- Odyssey test
September 26th and 27th- Gateway Essay due or Final Project Technology due
October 9th- Overall Project due date

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