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Project 5 - STEM Maker Fest!

posted Feb 20, 2015, 3:51 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Apr 16, 2015, 3:51 AM ]

The "Maker Movement" is huge, and you're already a part of it!  By creating video games, digital art, inventions, robots and more, YOU are a "maker"!!   And now it's time to create an event, the first of its kind in north Georgia, to bring makers together at Lanier!

Have you heard of a Maker Faire?  The most recent official faire held in Decatur hosted 30,000 visitors over 2 days, hosting an amazing variety of makers with their ideas, as well as activities where you could learn how to make something.  Well, due to trademark we can't call ours a maker faire, so we are hosting the "Lanier STEM Maker Fest"!! (insert "ta da" sound here in your mind).

You are going to either BE a maker, and display what you are proud to make, or you will create an activity that teaches someone "how" to make, a "maker teacher".  Some of you have cool things already that you can polish off for show.  Our groups going for patents, or if you win County Science Fair, those are cool!  FIRST robotics and others, great stuff!  And some of you might have parents at home that might do metal work or furniture building, or some other cool making thing, and that counts!

This is the first ever CDAT project that all levels of CDAT are joining forces!  Our CDAT11 crew will be organizing the event, our CDAT9 and CDAT10 will be primary makers and maker-teachers, and our CDAT12 will participate as they can (but they have internships, graduation, a lot).  And dare we repeat, this is the first maker event in Georgia north of Atlanta!

Your project deliverables: (see subject teachers for additional items)
  • Brainstorm ideas with others.  Do NOT pick a team based on your friends, but on a shared interest of what you enjoy making.

  • Teams decided by Friday, February 20, a form will be posted here on that day, use it.   It will ask for a summary paragraph of your "maker idea", as well as  team planning website link.  Here's the form link for your team, fill it out!

  • February 25: a clear team plan: what is your general timeline, who is doing what by when, on your team site.   Ask for guidance from your teachers on what your priorities should be for the next week.  Here's the rubric for that part.

  • February 27: a detailed proposal is due by the end of the day.  Your proposal should be a formal articulation of exactly what you plan to do and how you will do it.  The detailed instructions and rubric are here. Your proposal should be on your team website.
  • March 6: should have a draft/demo of your idea, a model, something tangible that is complete, or close to complete.  You should have clear progress on your concept.  EACH WEEK should have a plan for each person, to make sure the team is collaborating and integrating.  Here's the rubric for the weekly plan.

  • March 13: demo and presentation should be close to finished.  Don't worry about signs/posters, but focus on clear instruction, information in draft form (on a Google doc or your site).  Those that are selected to move on to the "STEM Maker Fest" will need clear logos, name, signs for information and/or directions.

  • March 24: Your final Maker Demonstration ready (we will hold a "mini maker fest" to see if your product is ready) - HERE is the rubric for evaluation   Be sure to evaluate yourself with this rubric!!

  • March 31: If your group is green or yellow lighted for MakerFest, please complete this application form. 

  • April 24:  if you want anything printed (within reason), it must be emailed to following these guidelines:
    • Any poster/printout must be made to its full scale in Publisher or Powerpoint or PDF.  A poster is typically 24x36 inches.  Do NOT make it full color background, photographic, etc., keep it mostly white background and simple graphics/text.
    • Email the document to with the subject of "MakerFest Printout"
    • 3D printouts:  these take a LONG time.  Your request should be made to with the email subject "MakerFest 3D Request".  We will make "appointment times" where yours can be printed.  Anyone "skipping the line" without Reilly's permission will not be allowed to have any 3D printout.