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Day 2 - Jan. 4, 2013 - A first look at code and tunes

posted Jan 13, 2013, 3:07 AM by Michael Reilly
  • Today's lesson is based on : http://earsketch.gatech.edu/category/learning/anatomy-of-an-earsketch-project
  • You do need to download a project for today's lesson, look for the BuzzJam project on the Earsketch page.
    • I have downloaded and unzipped this file already, you can get it on the Shared>CDAT9>Earsketch>SampleProjects - copy to your H
  • After you begin, I will show the lesson for those who'd rather watch than read.
  • Be sure to attempt the exercises listed in the page, and also use what you learned about commenting to remove some lines of code. 
    • Play around!  You can always download another clean set if you mess up.  Comment out a lot of lines and then listen.
    • Be sure to save often!
    • NOTE: if you edit code, you have to save it then re-open it in Reaper using Actions > Run Earsketch Script and pick the same one
  • This is the first time you're using Python code with Reaper, so you might have some software issues.   Let me know!
  • If time allows, we'll go into Day 3 lessons, learning how to build your own music with Python.