General Info

This page is for some of the more typical documents and answers you'd expect from a course.  It's sparse to start, because YOU will have a say in what's here, and in most other places.

Your instructors:
  • Mrs. Kirchner for Language Arts -
  • Dr. Rohrbaugh for Biology - 
  • Mrs. Wilson for Chemistry/Engineering -
  • Mr. Reilly for Technology -
Location: CDAT space, second floor

Expectations:  The professional atmosphere of a creative company, with the requirements of school regulations. You will be guided to make the most of your time, to learn core content in your preferred style, and be creative in expressing it.

Google Apps Accounts:
Click here for instructions on getting into your Google Apps.  If you forget your new password, slap yourself on the back of the hand, then email Mr. Reilly (see email above)

A complete list of AKS' can be found here for Language Arts and Science:$file/2009-10_High_School_Complete_AKS.pdf

A complete list of AKS' can be found here for the Introduction to Digital Technology course: