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Escape Your EOCs!

posted Apr 13, 2017, 6:19 PM by Daron Martin   [ updated May 2, 2017, 4:39 PM ]
Your goal for this project is to create an Escape Room that will help you and your peers reviews for your End of Course tests. 

  • Your room must have a theme and a coherent narrative.
  • Your room must last 10-15 minutes long.
  • You can choose one subject or use a mix of subjects.
  • You must address at least five standards.
  • No more than five people in one group.
  • You will create groups based on your language arts class.  
  • Brainstorming: five ideas and two themes. This is classwork grade in LA due on Friday, April 14
  • Justification of standards: You need to explain, in detail, how your project addresses your five standards. It will replace classwork grade in subject area of group focus.
  • Paper playable version as tech grade
  • Final room grade as quiz grade in science and LA based on scoring matrix from rubric
  • Science:
    • 14b: compare and contrast Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry acids/bases
    • 9e: solve different types of stoichiometry problems specifically relating mole to mole, mass to moles, and mass to mass
    • 14a2 - construct a solubility curve to explain the relationship between solubility and temperature
    • 14a5 - prepare and properly label solutions of specified molar concentration
    • 14b3- identify the reactants and products in an acid-base neutralization reaction
  • LA Standards:
    1. Create a Theme
    2. Outline a narrative (story) based on your theme. Remember the Plot Triangle: Exposition, Inciting Incident, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution (Denoument).

Monday 4/10
  • Kick off in LA 3B Rohrbaugh, 4/11 Kirchner and Freshman Science or LA

  • Look through this awesome website!

  • Each team can choose one subject or a mix but must make a 10-15 minute themed room that can have puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty

Wednesday 4/12
  • Go on the field trip!

  • Homework:

    • Decide what subject area you want to focus on

    • Come with 5 puzzle ideas and 2 theme ideas

Friday 4/14
  • Report to Roster academies at the Bell and check in with academy teacher
  • Students will attend the Junior Capstone presentations in the Commons 
  • Deliverables:
    • Students should write a brief reflection on the 3 Keys experience to share with their project room.
    • Students pick their groups and come up with two theme ideas and five puzzle ideas
      • Submit the google form here
    • Start deciding on and creating the justification for the standards that you will put into your escape room.

Wednesday 4/19
  • Get in groups of 4-5 based on the period that you have Mr. Proffitt
    • Deliverables:
      • Each group should decide on a theme and five puzzle ideas. (These should be placed on your google site/doc)
      • Build a project site or google doc and submit in the link above (in bold)
      • Create a storyline for your room. What are they trying to accomplish? What challenges will they have to face? Make sure that this lines up with the Language arts standards

Friday 4/21
  • Escape room, room selection
  • Deliverables: All deliverables should be placed on the google site/doc
    • Standard Selection and Justification
      • How to get credit
        • list the standards (remember you must use five)---justify each standard chosen
        • why YOUR GROUP choose that standard
        • detailed description of how in will be incorporated into your room---if chem list the problem you will use
    • Type out and finish the narrative for your escape room
      • What is the complete story line from start to finish?
      • What are the players trying to accomplishing at the end?
      • How do the puzzles help players advance?
    • List 10 items you need to acquire/purchase to begin building your room
  • Some things to consider: Use props, music, food, etc to develop your theme and enhance your game.
  • Weekend goals: Each group should have a playable paper version by next Wednesday. How will your group accomplish that?
Wednesday, 4/26
  • Start out the time with Freshmen Mentors
  • Deliverables:
    • Students should them make sure that the standard justifications have been completed on the site. (This is the last day to get a classwork/homework replaced!!!)
    • Paper play version
      • have the puzzles that you plan to implement done on paper for others in your room to play.
        • If your puzzle involves building something describe it on paper so that students can think through the process
      • Theme and narrative should be easy to recognize and follow by the descriptions you have typed/written out on paper 
  • These puzzles will be played and assessed in academy time ON FRIDAY!
Friday, 4/28
  • Students should submit the link to their project sites/google doc here.
  • Students will spend the first half creating/finishing their puzzles for the paper play
    • How to create the paper game
      • Have written out all of the questions, and puzzles that will be used in your room
      • ex. 1 if you have a puzzles that requires you to open the box, write out the problem and set it on top of another sheet of paper that contains the clue/item that will advance the player to the next puzzle.
      • ex. 2 if the puzzle gives you a problem that will give a number to a lock write out the question and draw a lock and describe how it will be opened
  • The second half you will go through and play the games. Remember to keep in mind the standard and note if they are being addressed. Take notes for a class debrief at the end of the game play time.  
  • On your team site/google doc you have a timeline and list of material that need to be brought in to build the room next week.
    • please make sure the following categories have been addressed.

      •  Items to that we already have: 
         Items that need to be acquired: 
         Items that need to be built: 
        Which group member is responsible for EACH item: 

  • Finally Students should have a plan for how to get their room completed by next Friday!
Wednesday, 5/3
  • Escape Room Week!!!!!!!!!
  • Students should go to their roster classes for attendance.
  • Students should then go to their Proffitt classrooms
  • All students will be working on their Project rooms
    • Students who have missed chemistry will be conferencing with Mr. Martin on a rotation.
  • Today is the LAST DAY to work on your escape rooms.
    • All of your puzzles, props, etc. need to be ready to be set up at the beginning of next academy time.
  • At the end of academy time your groups needs to have a list of items and responsibilities necessary for success of Friday. (Place on the google site/doc for your team)