Bring Something of Value to the Table

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IDCook their passion is solar energy which drives their business. See one of their more recent inventions: 

Solar Lighter

What is your passion? How can your passion bring something to the table?

The goal of this project is to share your passion as it relates to STEM and your possible future career goals with CDAT. In Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture" he states, "Be good at something; it makes you valuable…. Have something to bring to the table, because that will make you more welcome." We all need to get to know our talents and have a way to demonstrate them to others. This is what you are tasked to do with STEM. Think about your interests and abilities. How could you show them to a possible future boss, internship mentor or college admissions office? In essence make something awesome and share it with us!

Your task:
  • Make a product that can be used to build your school portfolio
    • This can be a video, invention, written work, program, game. It all depends on the target audience you want to impress.
  • Group Size- 1-4 students, no greater than four
  • Remember this about your passion and potential future internships, capstones or career goals so make sure your team members share your interests
  • To help give some direction we have subdivided students based on the photo you chose representing the following broad categories
        Interest categories:

                        Medicine/Research Science

                        Digital Tech/Programming




  • Be prepared to present your product to local professionals in the fields of STEM Dec. 6th at the Academy Showcase!

Calendar/Deadline Dates-

Tuesday 10/25    Create groups and build a project planning document (make sure it's shared with all group                                             members and teachers)

                            Each group member should submit this form.

                          Brainstorm project ideas

Friday 10/27    Project Proposal Due (Put this on your Project Planning Document)

                         Teacher feedback due Monday 10/30


Wed. 11/1         Project proposal revisions due


Monday 11/6     Justification Due (LA) (Instructions are here)

How is your project relevant? What is your competition? What makes it worth coming to the table?

Friday 11/8         Concept (plans/script/etc.) Present is classes


Wednesday 11/15 & Friday 11/17     Complete product Due/ presentation (Juniors/Seniors red/green for progress)


Friday 12/1         Project pitch-deck / presentation due (Instructions are here)

  • Please fill out this form to submit your pitch deck.


Monday 12/4 & Friday 12/5     Practice / run-throughs


Wednesday 12/6    Formal Presentation to STEM professionals

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Nov 14, 2017, 4:39 PM