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Wave Power
Wave power, because of its renewable and clean nature, is a promising area of research today. Scientists are trying to take the energy from waves in the ocean and generate electricity that we can use in our homes. 

For this next project you and your group members will be responsible for designing a device that can be used to generate power from waves on a smaller scale. As the scientists described in the video, your design will need to account for many factors such as; cost, corrosion from salt water, surface area, density, volume, etc. You will receive grades in all of your CDAT classes so please make sure that you are checking the standards and requirements! Happy Designing!!!


  • TEC1.A.2.-a,b,d, TEC1.A.5-d, TEC1.A.7-c, TEC1.A.8-a,c, TEC1.A.12 a-q
  • TEB2.A.1-a-f, TEB2.A.4-a-e, TEB2.A.6-a-g, TEB2.A.7-a-i, TEB2.A.8 a-e, TEB2.A.9.a, TEB2.A.12 a-c, TEB2.A.13 a-c, TEB2.A.14 a-d 
Accelerated Geometry and Geometry
  • MGSE9-12.G.SRT.1 Verify experimentally the properties of dilations given by a center and a scale factor. 
    • a. The dilation of a line not passing through the center of the dilation results in a parallel line and leaves a line passing through the center unchanged. 
    • b. The dilation of a line segment is longer or shorter according to the ratio given by the scale factor. 
Algebra I:
  • MGSE9-12.N.Q.1 Use units of measure (linear, area, capacity, rates, and time) as a way to understand problems: 
    • a. Identify, use, and record appropriate units of measure within context, within data displays, and on graphs; 
    • b. Convert units and rates using dimensional analysis (English-to-English and Metric-to-Metric without conversion factor provided and between English and Metric with conversion factor); 
    • c. Use units within multi-step problems and formulas; interpret units of input and resulting units of output. 
  • MGSE9-12.N.Q.2 Define appropriate quantities for the purpose of descriptive modeling. Given a situation, context, or problem, students will determine, identify, and use appropriate quantities for representing the situation.  
  • MGSE9-12.N.Q.3 Choose a level of accuracy appropriate to limitations on measurement when reporting quantities. For example, money situations are generally reported to the nearest cent (hundredth). Also, an answers’ precision is limited to the precision of the data given. 
  • 2A- Plan and carry out an investigation about the physical and chemical properties at the macroscopic scale
  • 2B- Use mathematics, computational, and conceptual thinking to calculate density (mass and volume) and understand the mass and volume relationship to density and incorporate a discussion on accuracy and precision.

  • Students should design and create a working model that is able to generate wave power
  • Accelerated Geometry- All of the solid(s) used in the design should be identified with their volume (s)
  • Geometry- A scale drawing of the design with dimensions should be drawn 
  • Algebra I- The dimensions for the design should be presented in both the Metric and Imperial systems
  • Students should identify and defend their building materials based on chemical and physical properties
  • Students should have an accurate density calculated for their design

Friday 9/1
  • Wave Power Exploration day
    • Today You and your group members will be responsible for doing the following:
      • Assigning Group roles
      • Signing and making your team contract
      • creating your scrum board
      • Creating you team Google Doc
        • Submit the link to your doc in the google form here
      • Answer the following research questions on your google doc (There is a pdf below with helpful information)
        • What are the parts of a wave?
        • What are some examples of wave power currently in use? 
          • What do they look like?
          • Name a benefit of each design.
        • What materials were used to build those wave power generators?
        • How much power are wave generators able to produce?
        • What problems are they having with switching to wave power. (why is it not our primary source of energy?
      • **Your contributions and daily deliverables will count towards your overall project grade.
Tuesday 9/5
  • Today you should finish your exploration from Friday and submit your team google doc, if you did not get a chance to do so already.
  • Students should start adding tasks to their scrum boards. The first SCRUM master's meeting will be on Wednesday. SCRUM masters should complete the daily reflection document below.
  •  Also with your groups, conduct the NOAA Buoy exploration task. 
    • Go to the NOAA Buoy site
    • Read the key at the bottom and look for what the different colors indicate.
    • Click on diamonds around the US and notice either a graph on water column height or a box of data for that station (Look for wave height/period info).
      • Select 3 possible locations in the US for optimal on/off shore wave power
  • Be ready to discuss and Debrief at 2:00
Wednesday 9/6
  • Project time will start off today with meetings between the SCRUM masters and the classroom teachers.
    • Please remember that the questions on the daily reflection sheet below should be answered.
  • Students should begin working on the concept for their design.
    • Remember this concept should be based on research, and that research should be cited and added to your google document. (Label a section Research)
    • Concept should include:
      • drawing of the design
      • proposed materials you would like to use
      • proposed location/environment (salt/freshwater, ocean, lake, river, etc.)
    • Concept Due 9/7
  • All groups will head back to their class rooms for debrief/questions/scrum updates at 10:10am
Thursday 9/7
  • Students should continue to work on their concept for their design.
    • At 1:40pm students should return to their assigned room to present their concept.
    • Remember the ideas for your concept should be based on research that is available on your google document
Friday 9/8
  • Finish any concept presentations that were not completed Thursday Afternoon.
  • There will be another scrum Masters meeting this morning for your group to check in with your classroom teachers.
  • Secretaries need to make sure that the google document is updated with all of the research and a completed drawing of the concept.
  • For your chemistry grade, each group should have a justification of their materials on their google document. This justification should should include:
    • All the materials that you would include in your real-world design
    • An explanation of why you chose those materials based on at least 2 physical and 2 chemical properties.
    • Make sure to include citations for your information
  • If your group has finished the Materials
    1. SCRUM masters check in with your group members to make sure they are on top of everything. CHECKERS look at the CDAT 9 site and make sure everyone has completed the tasked as described here. SECRETARIES make sure that the google document is completely updated.
    2. Finish up the deliverables from Friday if they are not finished.
    3. SCRUM masters have your daily reflection ready for tomorrow's meeting
Friday 9/15
  • We will start off today with SCRUM master meetings. 
  • You will have two deliverables during academy time today.
    • On your google doc there should be a cost analysis spreadsheet of all the materials that you will need in order to build your working model.
    • Also, you should have your dimensions spelled out for your model that will allow you to generate the most power from our system.
Tuesday 9/19
  • Today all students should use their project time to work on their Math deliverables.
    • Accelerated Geometry- Identify the Solids used in your project design, and calculate their volume.
    • Geometry- Students should have the dimensions of their workable scaled down model posted to the google doc
    • Algebra I- The dimension for the model should be presented in both the Metric (cm) and Imperial (inches) Systems
  • All Secretaries should create a brief summary on their google doc of the changes that have been made to the CDAT 9 site.
  • All groups should start bringing in their materials so that they can begin construction of their working model this week.
Wednesday 9/20
  • Each team should have a build-plan on their shared document that will allow any group member to work on the model despite their assigned Work Time
  • Ask Ms. Essani about storing your project materials.
Thursday 9/21
  • Students should continue construction of their model
    • Work Time teachers will be checking to make sure that all groups have their supplies
  • Fill out the mid-project reflection form here.
Friday 9/22
  • All groups should begin in their assigned project rooms, scrum together, and create a plan of action for the weekend. 
  • SCRUM masters will meet with their teacher.
  • All group members should have a task to complete for Monday. 
Tuesday 9/26
  • Students should continue using the building plan on their google doc in order to continue construction of their working model.
    • Students should have an update of what materials are not in, and who is responsible for bringing in those final materials for construction. 
Wednesday 9/27 
  • Students should use their work time to continue construction of their working model. All groups should identify any last minute questions that they need answered before our practice day FRIDAY
Thursday 9/28
  • Today all students should draft their thesis statement that will be used for their project reflection due in Language Arts. 
Friday 9/29
  • During the first 30 min of academy time all groups should SCRUM. SCRUM masters should fill out their daily reflection form for their group's progress. 
  • In all of your work times today will be test day! Each group should test their model, and reflect on what changes can be made before the project is due next week!
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