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Copy of TWCDAT_PROJECT-v1-2018.mp4

The virus is spreading! Zombies are everywhere! Can you survive?

You will create a project that:

  • Creates a narrative piece about zombies-- must include characters, conflict, and elements of a short story

    • write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequence

    • analyze a complex set of ideas or sequence of events and explain how specific individuals, ideas, or events interact and develop over the course of the text

You must also use a tech skill of your choice to show off your skills. How you deliver your story is up to you. Be creative and have fun with this!


Monday 2/5: Launch Project

Tuesday 2/6: Do your independent "Brainwriting", the first section of this attachment (in writing)   (classwork grade for Science)

Wednesday, 2/7: Create project groups, and share your "Brainwriting" ideas.  Be sure to follow the protocol in Section 2 of this doc

Thursday 2/8: Humans vs Zombies Ends

Monday, 2/12:

  • Submit your team project planning document on this form (click here) - each person on the team needs to do this.

  • Be sure to have all team members' names on the document and make sure all team members have access to the document.

  • Start working on your Treatment/Pitch/Description for your project

                Determine your story line. Flesh out conflicts and characters.
                Determine what you are making. How will you embody your story using your tech skills?

Tuesday 2/13
  • Turn in "Log Line" to Mr. Proffitt today during work time.
Wednesday, 2/14:
  • Treatment/Pitch/Project Description (these are synonyms) should be on the team site.
  • More details will be posted here soon regarding the rubric for a good Treatment/Summary/Pitch (LA grade or tech grade)

  • Start working on more detailed items like Storyboards, Scripts, etc., as soon as you finish your Treatment/Summary/Pitch

Friday, 2/16: First Draft Items for Narrative DUE- (LA grade)

  • A First Draft Item is a completed script, storyboard, engineering design, etc. (more links will be posted here soon).

Wednesday 2/21

  • Final draft of product and narrative due (Tech grade)

Thursday/Friday 2/22-23

  • Product and Project  presentations(LA Grade)