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Kick it!

posted Jan 5, 2016, 10:21 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Feb 12, 2016, 4:44 AM by Mr Becker ]

Imagine you get paid thousands to do your homework.  Not only that, but you pretty much start your own business?  It's time to "Kick It!"

Kickstarter is one site that you present a concept, and people will fund it!  Most people think that this is for cell phones, etc., but it's not just that.  For example, look at this cool card game that someone invented, and they received more than $50,000 to make it real! (Some of that cash was used to pay their own living expenses while they made the cards, it's not just for materials).  Other examples of making a job out of learning are Crash Course on YouTube, and there are many more.

What are YOU going to make for school that will actually make YOU cash?  Yes, we will really help you get this online, selling, if you deliver a high-quality product.  It will be focused on your science, technology, engineering or math topic (ask your science teacher about that), and you will have a lot of time in your elective classes to get the job done.

During your tech classes, you will be learning how to do basic video editing, because a high-quality video is a great for telling (selling!) your story and product.  While you develop it, you should document it!

  • Launch on Jan 19th/Jan 20th in chemistry class.
  • Create and submit a team site. Include your EQ and write an explanation of what standards you are using (science). 
  • Create a pretest pulling from a bank of questions
    • You will choose three questions from the bank and write one of your own. 
    • Answer each of the questions correctly and justify how each question ties to your science EQ. 
    • This needs to be completed by January 22nd. 
    • Feedback deadline is January 25th. (Feedback may be provided in class by science teachers or via comments on your team site). 
  • Create a detailed outline to plan out the specifics of your project. This will be done in language arts. 
    • This is due by January 28th. You will receive feedback from your language arts teachers by February 3rd.
  • Technology teachers expect a detailed, written timeline of all due dates/tasks for your project.  They will check this on February 4th or February 5th at the start of class.  WHO is doing WHAT by WHEN?  Get started on making your project now!  See Reilly's site for more info on that.
  • You should be ready to demonstrate an almost-complete project in technology class on February 10th or  February 11th. (Only fine tuning should be left, the majority should be done.)  
  • Your final project due February 18-19th. Presentations February 23rd and 24th in science classes.
  • **Your tech teachers will be giving assignments that parallel these dates, specific to your project.

Essential Questions:

Choose one EQ below and relate it to a synthesis reaction of your choice:

  • Given the amount of one of the reactants in grams, how you do identify how many particles are in the reactant?

  • How does the mole ratio allow you to move from moles of one reactant to moles of the other reactant in a given equation?

  • How can stoichiometry predict the amount of product produced from a specific amount of one of the reactants?

  • How can stoichiometry be used used to predict how many particles are in the product given the number of particles of one of the reactants?

  • How can stoichiometry be used to predict how many grams of product will be produced from a specific number of particles of one of the reactants?


  • S1: Calculate the molar mass of a compound.

  • S2: Convert from grams of a substance to moles of the same substance.

  • S3: Convert from particles of a substance to moles of the same substance.

  • S4: Balance a chemical equation.

  • S5: Identify the mole ratio between two substances in a chemical equation.

That is SO Epic!

posted Oct 19, 2015, 12:07 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Nov 17, 2015, 5:15 AM by Naomi Kirchner ]

To turn in your project, please submit your project in the dropbox. 

    Shared Drive --> Lanier HS --> Student Work --> Shared --> 
    CDAT Dropboxes --> Freshmen Epic Hero Project due 11.18.15

Please name your project: Each group member's last name
Example: Martinez, Jones, Whitehead

In Language Arts, you are studying The Odyssey, a classic epic poem.  A true epic contains certain characteristics, and the word itself is very misused.

In Science, you have studied modern atomic theory, and good science can make a good story too.

Finally, in Technology you are learning either 3DS Max or Electronics, but you can use any previous technology from the year.  

All together, these tools will support you in the making of YOUR EPIC!

Okay, what does that mean?  

You and your group members will create a hero or heroes, and create an epic adventure in whatever form you want: cartoon, board game, physical game, video, etc.  You will have music and graphic skills to enhance your work, language arts to tell the story, and you are required to include your science as part of the story.

Language Arts Requirements
You will be tested on how YOUR GROUP is incorporating the stages of the epic hero cycle.  It's not just memorizing what they are or where they are in the Odyssey, but how YOU are interpreting them in YOUR story.

Science Requirements, Chemistry Focus:

Incorporate at least one of the following standards into your storyline. The science should be used as a plot device to move the story along. Be sure to use the science correctly. (rubric to follow)

  • SCCH.B.10: use the modern atomic theory to explain the characteristics of atoms
  • SCCH.B.10.d3: relate the role of nuclear fusion in producing essentially all elements heavier than helium
  • SCCH.B.10.d1: differentiate between alpha, beta, and gamma radiation

Tech Requirements - You should demonstrate a very professional approach to YOUR choice of technology.  That means you do not have to use a specific tech, you get to choose, but you will be graded on the complexity and quality of the tech that you do use.
  • Produce a high-quality technology product (rubric to be posted)
  • Demonstrate employability skills required by business and industry.  
    • 1.1 Communicate effectively through writing, speaking, listening, reading, and interpersonal abilities. 
    • 1.2 Demonstrate creativity with multiple approaches to ask challenging questions resulting in innovative procedures, methods, and products. 
    • 1.3 Exhibit critical thinking and problem solving skills to locate, analyze, and apply information in career planning and employment situations. 
    • 1.4 Model work readiness traits required for success in the workplace including integrity, honesty, accountability, punctuality, time management, and respect for diversity. 
    • 1.5 Apply the appropriate skill sets to be productive in a changing, technological, and diverse workplace to be able to work independently, interpret data, and apply team work skills. 
    • 1.6 Present a professional image through appearance, behavior, and language.
Important dates and Deliverables:
  • 10/22-10/23:  Set up a team planning site. - Click here to submit it, EACH individual needs to submit. Brainstorm on ideas, record them.  Just make a huge list of possible things to do, and then try to put them into categories of "great ideas" and "other ideas", or something like that.  You can all do this online at some point, just have a big list of ideas that you will refine later.

  • 10/26-10/27: Refine your ideas, you can all use the online team site to share ideas, to refine concepts, to prioritize.  What ideas or part of ideas do you like?  Can you combine a couple into another, better one?  You need to pick a concept soon.  We should see some online comments and discussion, and a prioritized list:  favorites and others are your two categories. **Tech teachers will be grading updates.

  • 10/29:Brainstorm more! Have you heard of the dwarfs Awful, Graveful, and Biggo-Ego? No? What about Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, and Doc? Walt Disney brainstormed 50 names for the 7 Dwarfs before settling on the ones we all know. (Want to know more? Read this article on brainstorming.) Today, you need to continue brainstorming aspects of your projects. We are looking for a list of 20 brainstorm ideas on your page by the end of the day. Make sure it is a number list. 
  • 10/30: Storyboard your ideas.  Sketch out physical products.  In short, have a visual element to either show a product, or use pictures to outline the flow of a movie/game/story.  Everyone needs to see how the "director" would see the product.  For example, if someone is jumping into a lake, are you right behind them or across the lake or above them?  Describe!  Also, Plan tasks for each member, with deadlines.  Here's the Storyboard rubric, the same can apply to physical sketches of games, inventions, etc.

    • Plan!  You have only about 10 school days left to finish.  Keep in mind your personal schedules when planning.  Set realistic goals and don't overwhelm yourself.

  • 11/2-11/3:  Final scripts, plans, outline, tasks done.  Updates and checks on product each week.  WHO does WHAT by WHEN.  

  • 11/11:  Your goal is to be done by now (it's an early deadline, try for it!)

  • 11/19: Projects due!  Final date and grade, show and tell (students vote!)

Dia de los Muertos Casino and Carnival

posted Sep 15, 2015, 8:13 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Oct 28, 2015, 2:45 AM ]

Please fill out this form regarding your group project (just one per group), so we can properly plan our layout.  Click here

Time to put your knowledge to work by creating play and doing good!    For this project, you will use your skills to create a game or activity that will be part of a fun evening to raise money in the fight against cancer!  This is CDAT's effort to support Relay for Life, and we're going big!

Gwinnett County is the world's LARGEST Relay fundraiser in the American Cancer Society's fight against cancer, raising over $2 million each year!

Lanier High has set a goal to raise more than $10,000, and CDAT is going to try to be the largest fundraiser in the school as our next project.  We are going to have a fun evening called "Dia de los Muertos Casino and Carnivale!" on November 7.

In your Math and Tech classes, you will use probability and other core and create skills to create a game.  Make one for young children or teens, maybe adults, your choice!   You will have a lot of dedicated time in your Tech classes to get this done, and your Math teachers will have benchmarks along the way to see how you are putting your Math skills to use.

Here's the general timeline (more details will be posted all project long):
  • 9/15 - Kickoff 

  • 9/19 - Each and every team member should submit their info and team site link to this form - click here

  • 9/22 - Your final game is decided, and documented on your team website.  In the academy days between 9/15 and 9/22, you should refine.  On 9/17, share your ideas with your team.  9/18 you should refine them, identify challenges and opportunities, and on 9/21 finalize.  Each day have someone post these notes on your team site.  These WILL be graded by your Tech teacher. Here is the Tech Rubric for your plan. If you think your final idea is decided earlier than this, you can start on your prototype if your teachers agree.

  • 9/29 - You should have a good prototype done, this is the big week.  Plan well, work hard, and you will be happy.  Your Math teacher will be looking for clear and correct math, your Tech teacher will be looking for a good product draft.  You should have something that is playable, or mostly playable, as you will have had a LOT of classtime to get this done.

  • 10/6 - This should be a finished product.  Not only the playable and mathematically correct game, but also branding and written rules on some kind of sign.  This should fit in with the theme of the evening.  You should be testing this with others along the way, to see what they think, to get their feedback.  There will be some minor flaws, but close to done.  Your Language Arts teacher will be looking for a clear set of written rules, complete sentences!  Math and Tech teachers will be looking for refined math and products.

  • 10/13 - Finished!!  We will do a big play day, where you can share your great creation with others, and we can have a ton of fun to celebrate your creations!  (You might still learn a thing or two to update and improve, and that's okay).  
Let's use our skills, teamwork and creativity to make a huge impact on our community.  Let's be the biggest Relay for Life contributor in Lanier High!  Let's follow the battle cry of our planning committee:

Take a chance against cancer!

Innovation Nation!!

posted Aug 19, 2015, 5:03 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Sep 21, 2015, 4:07 PM by Janelle Wilson ]

Science Fair FloorScience Fair ProjectScience Fair WinnersA man leafing through the book

Tired of hearing about the discoveries of others and ready for some of your own? Is there a question or problem you have a mind to fix? Now is your chance. It is time to open your mind to possibilities and see what you can discover!!  

There are a number of areas you can pursue to compete including Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Science.

YOUR peers have already received copyright and patent pending, just this year!!

YOU could create the next great invention, the next amazing discovery, and this pursuit could be your career. And many contests lead to full scholarships and even thousands of dollars in cash! One great first step is the Science and Engineering Fair. The Fair is not just a great chance to practice your own science but it is also an opportunity to compete among peers in school, county, state and even international competitions.  This video describes the Gwinnett County Fair from last year: VIDEO. We will be following the county science fair format to prepare our projects, but what you discover can be used for a number of competitions:

Intel International
 Google Science Fair
 Siemens Westinghouse Competition
 Georgia Tech Inventure Competition

and more!

In the next two weeks, you will complete Part 1 of the science fair project- create a research plan for your experiment or project following the guidelines detailed below. Once your science teacher and your parents or guardians have signed off on your plan, you will then have the following several weeks to conduct your research and prepare your presentation for the Lanier Science and Engineering Fair in November.

For now let's just worry about the first two weeks.  Below is a brief summary of what is expected with due dates.


  1. Brainstorming during advisement Thurs, Fri Aug. 20-21  - should be recorded on your team site

  2. Research in ELA on Mon and Tuesday, Aug. 24-25
  3. Project Idea Document  and Annotated Bibliography (Due Weds. Aug 26)
  4. Materials, Procedures and Timeline (Due Weds. September 2)
  5. Final Research Plan (Due Wed. September 9) - you can simply create a summary page on your team site, and paste/type your summary on it. Teachers will review your sites for this information.
  6. Final Research Plan Modifications - fill in this form to turn in your revised research plan to Mrs. Wilson. This is due Monday, September 28.


The following links will help you to prepare your project and generate ideas:

Official sites for paperwork, forms, rules:

How to do a Science Fair Project

Gwinnett Science and Engineering Fair

Sites of other competitions, and to generate ideas:

Science Buddies

Intel Society for Science and the Public

Google Science Fair

NASA/JPL Video Series: How to Do a Science Fair Project

Don't forget, science can be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is a Game

posted Aug 6, 2015, 4:08 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Aug 17, 2015, 3:42 PM ]

Welcome to CDAT!!!

Some of the most important things we want you to learn in CDAT are creativity, collaboration and communication, so we're starting you off with a fun project right away.  During this project you will learn about your Google Apps tools, try your first shot at working with a team, and delivering a great product.

Here's the challenge:

We have a pile of "stuff".  Your team will get to pick 2 items, and your team can contribute one more item.  Using the 3 items, you are to create a game, including rules of play, a name, a logo, a way to score (or win/lose).

Here's the timeline:

Day 1 - We will "kick off" the project on Tuesday for 10th graders, Wednesday for 9th graders.  During that time you will first check in with your Academy Advisor for attendance, then gather in 734.  We will then kick off the project to explain it and answer questions, then you go back to your Advisory room find out your teams.  Each team will send one rep to get 2 items, and let the brainstorming begin!!  
  • Goals for the day:  start the project, meet your team, get your items, brainstorm!  Teams should come back with refined ideas tomorrow.
Day 2 (Thursday) - Talk to your group about ideas, you really need to finalize the game concept.  You also need to assign roles/tasks:  formal written rules, a logo, a name, a graphic/poster of some kind.  Remember, these are things that your teammates will do in their elective classes or home time, not during this time.  On Monday we will have "Play Day" to play the games. You will tape a "poster" to the wall that has your name and logo, you will tape the basic rules of play to the wall, and you will have your game ready to play.  Write down these assignments of WHO is doing WHAT by Friday on your Google Site, on a page titled "Plans".  You should have these by tomorrow.  
  • Goals for the day:  finalize the rules of the game, decide on a name for the game, clarify the logistics of the game (sizes, timing, etc.)  Each team member should be assigned a task to develop for tomorrow:  poster (paper size) with rules, poster with name/logo, dimensions and layout of the game (assume someone wants to use it, they need instructions!), scoring system (how to win/lose/score)
Day 3 (Friday) - Share your work updates.  Who did what?  Play the game, have another group (or two or more) play the game, and identify areas to improve in any way (written rules, logo, name).  Be honest but nice when asked for your opinion, it's just an opinion.  It will help the game to improve.  Assign any necessary improvement tasks to be brought back for Monday.  Be ready to set it up in a minute or two.  Save any final products to your team site for backup!

Monday we play your games!!  You can communicate or refine over the weekend, but be ready to set up and play right away on Monday!

Common Questions:

Will we have time in class to work on this?  
You will have time and support in your Tech classes on this project.  Your other subject teachers may ask for updates, sharing, etc., but this depends on the time they have available to do so.

Will we be graded on this?
Yes.  Your Tech teachers are actually using this to make sure you can use your Google Apps, and know how to use them well.  Please follow their directions well, because attention to detail matters!  Also, your other teachers are depending on your abilities for the rest of the year, so practice doing it right on this one!

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