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Dia de los Muertos Casino and Carnival

posted Sep 15, 2015, 8:13 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Oct 28, 2015, 2:45 AM ]
Please fill out this form regarding your group project (just one per group), so we can properly plan our layout.  Click here

Time to put your knowledge to work by creating play and doing good!    For this project, you will use your skills to create a game or activity that will be part of a fun evening to raise money in the fight against cancer!  This is CDAT's effort to support Relay for Life, and we're going big!

Gwinnett County is the world's LARGEST Relay fundraiser in the American Cancer Society's fight against cancer, raising over $2 million each year!

Lanier High has set a goal to raise more than $10,000, and CDAT is going to try to be the largest fundraiser in the school as our next project.  We are going to have a fun evening called "Dia de los Muertos Casino and Carnivale!" on November 7.

In your Math and Tech classes, you will use probability and other core and create skills to create a game.  Make one for young children or teens, maybe adults, your choice!   You will have a lot of dedicated time in your Tech classes to get this done, and your Math teachers will have benchmarks along the way to see how you are putting your Math skills to use.

Here's the general timeline (more details will be posted all project long):
  • 9/15 - Kickoff 

  • 9/19 - Each and every team member should submit their info and team site link to this form - click here

  • 9/22 - Your final game is decided, and documented on your team website.  In the academy days between 9/15 and 9/22, you should refine.  On 9/17, share your ideas with your team.  9/18 you should refine them, identify challenges and opportunities, and on 9/21 finalize.  Each day have someone post these notes on your team site.  These WILL be graded by your Tech teacher. Here is the Tech Rubric for your plan. If you think your final idea is decided earlier than this, you can start on your prototype if your teachers agree.

  • 9/29 - You should have a good prototype done, this is the big week.  Plan well, work hard, and you will be happy.  Your Math teacher will be looking for clear and correct math, your Tech teacher will be looking for a good product draft.  You should have something that is playable, or mostly playable, as you will have had a LOT of classtime to get this done.

  • 10/6 - This should be a finished product.  Not only the playable and mathematically correct game, but also branding and written rules on some kind of sign.  This should fit in with the theme of the evening.  You should be testing this with others along the way, to see what they think, to get their feedback.  There will be some minor flaws, but close to done.  Your Language Arts teacher will be looking for a clear set of written rules, complete sentences!  Math and Tech teachers will be looking for refined math and products.

  • 10/13 - Finished!!  We will do a big play day, where you can share your great creation with others, and we can have a ton of fun to celebrate your creations!  (You might still learn a thing or two to update and improve, and that's okay).  
Let's use our skills, teamwork and creativity to make a huge impact on our community.  Let's be the biggest Relay for Life contributor in Lanier High!  Let's follow the battle cry of our planning committee:

Take a chance against cancer!