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Kick it!

posted Jan 5, 2016, 10:21 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Feb 12, 2016, 4:44 AM by Mr Becker ]
Imagine you get paid thousands to do your homework.  Not only that, but you pretty much start your own business?  It's time to "Kick It!"

Kickstarter is one site that you present a concept, and people will fund it!  Most people think that this is for cell phones, etc., but it's not just that.  For example, look at this cool card game that someone invented, and they received more than $50,000 to make it real! (Some of that cash was used to pay their own living expenses while they made the cards, it's not just for materials).  Other examples of making a job out of learning are Crash Course on YouTube, and there are many more.

What are YOU going to make for school that will actually make YOU cash?  Yes, we will really help you get this online, selling, if you deliver a high-quality product.  It will be focused on your science, technology, engineering or math topic (ask your science teacher about that), and you will have a lot of time in your elective classes to get the job done.

During your tech classes, you will be learning how to do basic video editing, because a high-quality video is a great for telling (selling!) your story and product.  While you develop it, you should document it!

  • Launch on Jan 19th/Jan 20th in chemistry class.
  • Create and submit a team site. Include your EQ and write an explanation of what standards you are using (science). 
  • Create a pretest pulling from a bank of questions
    • You will choose three questions from the bank and write one of your own. 
    • Answer each of the questions correctly and justify how each question ties to your science EQ. 
    • This needs to be completed by January 22nd. 
    • Feedback deadline is January 25th. (Feedback may be provided in class by science teachers or via comments on your team site). 
  • Create a detailed outline to plan out the specifics of your project. This will be done in language arts. 
    • This is due by January 28th. You will receive feedback from your language arts teachers by February 3rd.
  • Technology teachers expect a detailed, written timeline of all due dates/tasks for your project.  They will check this on February 4th or February 5th at the start of class.  WHO is doing WHAT by WHEN?  Get started on making your project now!  See Reilly's site for more info on that.
  • You should be ready to demonstrate an almost-complete project in technology class on February 10th or  February 11th. (Only fine tuning should be left, the majority should be done.)  
  • Your final project due February 18-19th. Presentations February 23rd and 24th in science classes.
  • **Your tech teachers will be giving assignments that parallel these dates, specific to your project.

Essential Questions:

Choose one EQ below and relate it to a synthesis reaction of your choice:

  • Given the amount of one of the reactants in grams, how you do identify how many particles are in the reactant?

  • How does the mole ratio allow you to move from moles of one reactant to moles of the other reactant in a given equation?

  • How can stoichiometry predict the amount of product produced from a specific amount of one of the reactants?

  • How can stoichiometry be used used to predict how many particles are in the product given the number of particles of one of the reactants?

  • How can stoichiometry be used to predict how many grams of product will be produced from a specific number of particles of one of the reactants?


  • S1: Calculate the molar mass of a compound.

  • S2: Convert from grams of a substance to moles of the same substance.

  • S3: Convert from particles of a substance to moles of the same substance.

  • S4: Balance a chemical equation.

  • S5: Identify the mole ratio between two substances in a chemical equation.