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Life is a Game

posted Aug 6, 2015, 4:08 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Aug 17, 2015, 3:42 PM ]
Welcome to CDAT!!!

Some of the most important things we want you to learn in CDAT are creativity, collaboration and communication, so we're starting you off with a fun project right away.  During this project you will learn about your Google Apps tools, try your first shot at working with a team, and delivering a great product.

Here's the challenge:

We have a pile of "stuff".  Your team will get to pick 2 items, and your team can contribute one more item.  Using the 3 items, you are to create a game, including rules of play, a name, a logo, a way to score (or win/lose).

Here's the timeline:

Day 1 - We will "kick off" the project on Tuesday for 10th graders, Wednesday for 9th graders.  During that time you will first check in with your Academy Advisor for attendance, then gather in 734.  We will then kick off the project to explain it and answer questions, then you go back to your Advisory room find out your teams.  Each team will send one rep to get 2 items, and let the brainstorming begin!!  
  • Goals for the day:  start the project, meet your team, get your items, brainstorm!  Teams should come back with refined ideas tomorrow.
Day 2 (Thursday) - Talk to your group about ideas, you really need to finalize the game concept.  You also need to assign roles/tasks:  formal written rules, a logo, a name, a graphic/poster of some kind.  Remember, these are things that your teammates will do in their elective classes or home time, not during this time.  On Monday we will have "Play Day" to play the games. You will tape a "poster" to the wall that has your name and logo, you will tape the basic rules of play to the wall, and you will have your game ready to play.  Write down these assignments of WHO is doing WHAT by Friday on your Google Site, on a page titled "Plans".  You should have these by tomorrow.  
  • Goals for the day:  finalize the rules of the game, decide on a name for the game, clarify the logistics of the game (sizes, timing, etc.)  Each team member should be assigned a task to develop for tomorrow:  poster (paper size) with rules, poster with name/logo, dimensions and layout of the game (assume someone wants to use it, they need instructions!), scoring system (how to win/lose/score)
Day 3 (Friday) - Share your work updates.  Who did what?  Play the game, have another group (or two or more) play the game, and identify areas to improve in any way (written rules, logo, name).  Be honest but nice when asked for your opinion, it's just an opinion.  It will help the game to improve.  Assign any necessary improvement tasks to be brought back for Monday.  Be ready to set it up in a minute or two.  Save any final products to your team site for backup!

Monday we play your games!!  You can communicate or refine over the weekend, but be ready to set up and play right away on Monday!

Common Questions:

Will we have time in class to work on this?  
You will have time and support in your Tech classes on this project.  Your other subject teachers may ask for updates, sharing, etc., but this depends on the time they have available to do so.

Will we be graded on this?
Yes.  Your Tech teachers are actually using this to make sure you can use your Google Apps, and know how to use them well.  Please follow their directions well, because attention to detail matters!  Also, your other teachers are depending on your abilities for the rest of the year, so practice doing it right on this one!