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That is SO Epic!

posted Oct 19, 2015, 12:07 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Nov 17, 2015, 5:15 AM by Naomi Kirchner ]
To turn in your project, please submit your project in the dropbox. 

    Shared Drive --> Lanier HS --> Student Work --> Shared --> 
    CDAT Dropboxes --> Freshmen Epic Hero Project due 11.18.15

Please name your project: Each group member's last name
Example: Martinez, Jones, Whitehead

In Language Arts, you are studying The Odyssey, a classic epic poem.  A true epic contains certain characteristics, and the word itself is very misused.

In Science, you have studied modern atomic theory, and good science can make a good story too.

Finally, in Technology you are learning either 3DS Max or Electronics, but you can use any previous technology from the year.  

All together, these tools will support you in the making of YOUR EPIC!

Okay, what does that mean?  

You and your group members will create a hero or heroes, and create an epic adventure in whatever form you want: cartoon, board game, physical game, video, etc.  You will have music and graphic skills to enhance your work, language arts to tell the story, and you are required to include your science as part of the story.

Language Arts Requirements
You will be tested on how YOUR GROUP is incorporating the stages of the epic hero cycle.  It's not just memorizing what they are or where they are in the Odyssey, but how YOU are interpreting them in YOUR story.

Science Requirements, Chemistry Focus:

Incorporate at least one of the following standards into your storyline. The science should be used as a plot device to move the story along. Be sure to use the science correctly. (rubric to follow)

  • SCCH.B.10: use the modern atomic theory to explain the characteristics of atoms
  • SCCH.B.10.d3: relate the role of nuclear fusion in producing essentially all elements heavier than helium
  • SCCH.B.10.d1: differentiate between alpha, beta, and gamma radiation

Tech Requirements - You should demonstrate a very professional approach to YOUR choice of technology.  That means you do not have to use a specific tech, you get to choose, but you will be graded on the complexity and quality of the tech that you do use.
  • Produce a high-quality technology product (rubric to be posted)
  • Demonstrate employability skills required by business and industry.  
    • 1.1 Communicate effectively through writing, speaking, listening, reading, and interpersonal abilities. 
    • 1.2 Demonstrate creativity with multiple approaches to ask challenging questions resulting in innovative procedures, methods, and products. 
    • 1.3 Exhibit critical thinking and problem solving skills to locate, analyze, and apply information in career planning and employment situations. 
    • 1.4 Model work readiness traits required for success in the workplace including integrity, honesty, accountability, punctuality, time management, and respect for diversity. 
    • 1.5 Apply the appropriate skill sets to be productive in a changing, technological, and diverse workplace to be able to work independently, interpret data, and apply team work skills. 
    • 1.6 Present a professional image through appearance, behavior, and language.
Important dates and Deliverables:
  • 10/22-10/23:  Set up a team planning site. - Click here to submit it, EACH individual needs to submit. Brainstorm on ideas, record them.  Just make a huge list of possible things to do, and then try to put them into categories of "great ideas" and "other ideas", or something like that.  You can all do this online at some point, just have a big list of ideas that you will refine later.

  • 10/26-10/27: Refine your ideas, you can all use the online team site to share ideas, to refine concepts, to prioritize.  What ideas or part of ideas do you like?  Can you combine a couple into another, better one?  You need to pick a concept soon.  We should see some online comments and discussion, and a prioritized list:  favorites and others are your two categories. **Tech teachers will be grading updates.

  • 10/29:Brainstorm more! Have you heard of the dwarfs Awful, Graveful, and Biggo-Ego? No? What about Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, and Doc? Walt Disney brainstormed 50 names for the 7 Dwarfs before settling on the ones we all know. (Want to know more? Read this article on brainstorming.) Today, you need to continue brainstorming aspects of your projects. We are looking for a list of 20 brainstorm ideas on your page by the end of the day. Make sure it is a number list. 
  • 10/30: Storyboard your ideas.  Sketch out physical products.  In short, have a visual element to either show a product, or use pictures to outline the flow of a movie/game/story.  Everyone needs to see how the "director" would see the product.  For example, if someone is jumping into a lake, are you right behind them or across the lake or above them?  Describe!  Also, Plan tasks for each member, with deadlines.  Here's the Storyboard rubric, the same can apply to physical sketches of games, inventions, etc.

    • Plan!  You have only about 10 school days left to finish.  Keep in mind your personal schedules when planning.  Set realistic goals and don't overwhelm yourself.

  • 11/2-11/3:  Final scripts, plans, outline, tasks done.  Updates and checks on product each week.  WHO does WHAT by WHEN.  

  • 11/11:  Your goal is to be done by now (it's an early deadline, try for it!)

  • 11/19: Projects due!  Final date and grade, show and tell (students vote!)